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Daniel Goldwyn is an athletic 25-year-old, a recent transplant to New Orleans working as an engineer.

He was at work when he first started having the classic early symptoms of the coronavirus.

“A couple weeks ago on a Friday I was at work and I noticed that I was starting to cough,” he said. “Then that weekend, over the next two days I started to develop a fever, I was coughing more and more. There was a little bit of headache. Pressure in my skull.”

Unable to get tested due to the lack of local testing sites and strict screening criteria, Goldwyn was told over the phone that he was as a presumed case. When he began logging more classic symptoms – loss of taste and smell, body aches, chills, lethargy – he received a telemedicine diagnosis as a COVID-19 case.

Goldwyn was told he had to stay quarantined at home for two weeks, a challenging scenario given that he lives alone. He has no roommates and his family lives in California.




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