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Dr. Wald asks, “What nutrition should you consume, as both foods and supplements to optimize your immune system? Does your nutrition differ from others? The answer is yes your nutrition is different and therefore how you manage your health must be personalized for you – especially if you are also taking efforts against the COVID-19 virus. A wealth of date shows that vitamins, including vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E and folate and trace elements including zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium, copper and omega 3 fats all support the immune system if taken correctly and at the right time. Mortality appears to be the highest among older people with comorbid diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, respiratory conditions and others, but why are the aged affected more? It is not simply because of their chronological age, but it is because of there poor nutritional status at least in great measure. Poor nutritional intake, malabsorpiton, medications and various other lifestyle factors. Importantly, selenium deficiency along may be responsible for a larger number of infections in the first place and a worse outcome and increase death rates. Join Dr. Michael Wald as he explores these and other health issues and what you can do to strength your resistance against infections and all causes of death and disease. Dr. Wald can be reached by calling 914-552-1442. His email is: and how website is: and Dr. Wald is available for Zoom and phone consultations and is currently accepting patients”.



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