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The virus sickness if you were to trace the entire spectrum of the viral sickness, then on one end is coriza, a little bit of cough, flu, irritation in the throat. The symptoms keep on increasing and on the last end is pneumonia. So you can’t say that you can have pneumonia I virus. But it is also wrong to say that each time you have virus, you have pneumonia. For our viral infections to reach pneumonia, there are three very important circumstances. One , your immunity is extremely compromised and you haven’t been able to stall the flow of virus through your body the second is you haven’t taken enough preventions after noticing he first symptoms of the disease. A virus is an inanimate organism and it requires and organic cell to multiply. If the organic cell is protected it will not allow the multiplication and this disease can be stalled at a very early stage. For the virus to come to a pneumonia stage, it has to be an ignored case. Also in a case where people are highly infected with this virus, in this case there will be repeated onslaught of the virus and hence the body will not be able to protect it, if these three conditions will be looked after then coriza will not be present.



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