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These were a couple of the most common questions I’ve been getting from people who are being scared from what all the media is putting out there.⁣

First and foremost, you can’t get the coronavirus twice because that’s not how the body works. Unless the virus mutates, or it’s a different type of flu virus, your body will build up antibodies from the first exposure and attack it as soon as that same virus enters your system.⁣

Secondly, yes, COVID-19 is going after the lungs and causing some respiratory problems in a lot of people. However, this doesn’t mean that ALL people who get this virus will have permanent lung damage. According to what they know about the virus right now, they are saying that only those who have compromised immune systems and those who get into critical condition may get long lasting lung issues. Which is why it’s important to follow these “Stay At Home” orders across the country right now.⁣

What they have also said is that the major difference between cases of coronavirus that are mild and compared to those that become critical is the person’s immune system. Those individuals, regardless of their age, with strong and vibrant immune systems typically make it so that the body’s reaction to this virus is more mild than critical.⁣

Stay Healthy Fam! Support your immune systems and take care of each other!⁣

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