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TOPIC – Boost Immune System with these Foods & Recipes | EASY QUARANTINE Recipes | Healthy Vegetarian Foods

Hello Friends,

With the current situation all over the world – corona virus (COVID19) – Immunity boosting has become the buzz word. We all know that to prevent ourselves from the corona virus, we have to have a good immunity system. Good Immunity requires a lot of things to be done from our side:

1) Good & Healthy Food
2) Proper Sleep
3) Workout
4) No stress
5) Healthy lifestyle

Just following one thing and ignoring others will reduce your immunity or immune system. Hence, it is very important to take care of all these things and follow an overall healthy lifestyle so that you have a good immune system and that can prevent you and your body from infections, virus and other diseases.

There are so many foods that build our immune system:
1) Amla
2) Lemon
3) Lime
4) Orange
5) Sweet Potato
6) Spinach
7) Ginger
8) Turmeric
9) Tomato
10) Black Pepper
11) Red Bell Pepper
12) Extra Virgin Olive Oil
13) Honey
14) Nuts
15) Corianer
16) Mint
17) Green Chillies
18) Garlic
19) Curd
20) Seeds

Include these food items in your daily diet so that your immunity and immunity system is always on track and always healthy.

Happy Quarantine!

Love from us.
Richa + Jatin

Be Married Friends Forever!

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