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*Not medical advice.

1. Many plant compounds have been shown to interfere with the viral-life-cycle and even reduce duration of illness. Therefore even by taking multiple weak antiviral compounds, your at the very least, making it harder for the virus to go about its business.

2. There are countless of compound in existence that could benefited us, this is just what I have used.

3. I was sick recently, negative for flu, strep, and mono. I completely cured my symptoms in less than 10 hours.

4. If nature has the ability for infliction, then it logically must also hold serenity. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. Hormetic compounds can call these genes to action.
5. The journal of Medical Virology published 2/13/2020, “Potential interventions for novel coronavirus in china: A systematic review. Some of these recommendations include vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin E, omega 3s, selenium, zinc, and many more. Thus alternative therapies are in fact applicable according to this professional community.



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