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Hi guys. In this video, I have uploaded all the advice/ recommendations given by WHO (world health organization).
Currently, there is a state of panic all over the world but this kind of panic creates more of a stress and it adds on to the problem.
You should Gather information that will help you accurately determine your risk so that you can take reasonable precautions. Find a credible source you can trust such as WHO website or, a local or state public health agency. Don’t just follow advice given by random people on social media like FB, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc. listen or read the news if they are giving you the references, otherwise don’t pay much of your attention to that news/ video.
So it’s a humble request to all of you, please don’t panic, just follow the steps mentioned in the video which are recommended by world health organization for the prevention of this disease COVID-19.
So this video is about public awareness for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus.
China has recently approved the first anti-novel coronavirus drug for marketing since the outbreak.
This drug is expected to play an important role in preventing and treating the epidemic. I will discuss about this drug and the other drugs for the treatment of coronavirus in my next video.
Till then, stay healthy and don’t panic. Share this video amongst your near and dear ones so as to spread information and knowledge.
Thank you guys for watching this video. Take care.

For prevention, hand hygiene and proper use of mask in crowded places is of utmost importance, wash your hands with the best liquid handwash and use best sanitizer..i have provided the link below to purchase the same:
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References: WHO (World Health Organization)

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Video presented by: Dr Shruti & Dr Chirag Madaan

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