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Hi guys, as we all know Coronavirus is an emergencing health emergency these days. In this video I have explained the clinical features, virology, diagnosis and the management of this epidemic.The number of lab confirmed cases and the death toll are rising day by day.
But, you dont have to panic, just follow simple steps given by WHO and CDC (i have explained in this video).

1) Uptodate
3) CDC

For prevention, hand hygiene and proper use of mask in crowded places is of utmost importance, wash your hands with the best liquid handwash and use best sanitizer..i have provided the link below to purchase the same:
liquid handwash:
hand sanitizer:
surgical 3-ply mask:
N-95 mask:

Video presented by:
Dr Shruti Malik
Dr Chirag Madaan

Thank you guys for watching this video.
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