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All figures are gatherd by best knowlegde from several medial sources.

The devlelopment from KW15 on is an estimation due to the developement of Influenza and other viruses. Please keep that in mind. The real development could be much different.

Coronavirus vs. Influenza 2019/2020 – Cases and Deaths with an estimation of the outcome gives you a graphical overview over the development of the new and aggressive virus compared with the usal and common Influenza.
At the end you will find a graph which is a possible outcome of Corona if you match the infos of the last Influenzas with Corona.

Influenza: H1N1
Coronavirus: Covid-19, SARS-CoV2

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Data Source:, BBC, foreignpolicy, gisanddata.maps, WHO boris johnson coronavirus outbreak sars cov 2 coronavirus vaccine covid 19



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