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Dr. Sunita Rana Agarwal | Appointment booking number : 080 2224 0736
Consultant Ophthalmologist | Dr. Agarwal Hospitals Shantinagar Bangalore
COVID is SARS COV2 as I explained and it is a virus. Whenever a virus will infect our eyes, there will be redness in the eyes, wherever a bacteria will infection our eye which can also with the viral infection. So we can have a viral infection complicated with the bacterial infection, and there will be redness and watering. So her will be a virus with redness and watering, along with bacterial contamination who will be watering redness, but also stickiness of the eye. When we want to differentiate with allergic water or dry eye, whenever you go out into the wonder when you are having more dryness in the eye, the redness or watering may increase with virus, whether you go in or out, infection is not going to make no difference. It is the same water, same bacterial contamination and stickiness of the eye. How are we going to treat this? If it is for virus, it is going to need specific antivirus. If it is for SARS OV2, we don’t have any. So we are going to go for the treatment for allergies and dryness allergies and dryness you have to make sure your eye is moist. So wash your eye well, if there is any infection, use hot fermentation and you want to starts using antibiotic drops an ointment if there is contamination with bacteria. So only bacterial contamination require antibiotic drop and creams, hot fermentation, for every one of them. Keep your eye moist and keep artificial tears, wash it frequent for all them. One f the most important ways to keep your eye moist is to use one of the ointments around the eye, not inside the eye so that not all eye has got a Vaseline base and artificial tears. More important is to use antireflective coating glasses and along with that, vitamins.



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