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The following are useful links on the rental relief:

Eligibility – Landlord giving relief
The landlord can apply for an assessment of the tenant’s or (subtenant’s) eligibility for the relief within a specific time. The case will be examined by an assessor, who will ascertain the tenant’s (or subtenant’s) eligibility.

Tenants will need to satisfy all criteria below to be eligible for the mandatory rental relief co-shared by landlords
(1) SME at the group level (≤$100 million turnover in 2019);
(2) Substantial drop in average monthly revenue during COVID-19 (average monthly revenue from April to May 2020 on an outlet level reduced by 35% or more, compared to April to May 2019)
(3) The tenancy must have been entered into before 25 March 2020

The landlord may also seek an assessment on the grounds of financial hardship if they are unable to provide the additional rental waiver. This will take into consideration whether his rental income forms a substantial part of his total income and the annual value of his properties. Qualifying landlords will only be required to give half of the additional rental waivers to be provided by the landlords, i.e. 1 month’s waiver of base rental for qualifying commercial properties, and 1/2 a month’s waiver of base rental for industrial and office properties.



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