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Although understanding the immune system and viruses can get infinitely complex, improving your health and staying healthy is not. It starts with FOOD.

However, sometimes it is difficult to source certain foods that can interrupt each step of the virus “life cycle.”. Perhaps you want to level up. That’s the time for supplements.

In Part 3 of my 4 part series, I walk you through the supplements that can interrupt a virus. You may want to level up your intake of these beyond what you can consume via food. For that reason, I stock high grade supplements – to be used as powerful tools – to give you the option you may want…especially now.
Be Well! Always looking out for you and your health!

For a closer look into the specific foods that contain these powerful compounds to improve your health, strengthen your own body to resist a viral attack and inhibit a virus’ spread, check out my latest blog post:
“Virus-Busting Foods:”

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Check out my video on the Immune Support Package. This protocol can be made specifically for you:

Benefits of Nature Bathing:

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