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This video is simply my opinion of the situation regarding the quarantine.

There is no question COVID 19 sucks. It has affected a lot of people, killed a lot of people, and badly damaged our economy and job situation. The quarantine and lockdowns were necessary and effective. Now we need to figure out how to get back to at least a semi-normally functioning society, but do it safely.

There is the advocates that our first amendments rights are being violated and we should open the economy and businesses immediately, while others are saying it is too soon and we risk a second surge.

I discuss these issues in this video!

Time Stamps:
0:44 The two camps – for and against reopening now
1:39 Who is right?
2:03 Why Asymptomatic Transmission makes this tricky
3:13 The Singapore Story and the late Surge
4:15 How and what we need to reopen our economy as soon as possible
8:19 How to reopen schools again

DONT fall for misinformation. Rely on the CDC and WHO, credentialed physicians, and published peer-reviewed research for accurate updates and evidence based information!

More accounts for accurate COVID content:
 @Medlife Crisis    @Doctor Mike @ZDoggMD

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