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Campaigning in the run-up to the US presidential election has ramped up, with Donald Trump holding packed rallies in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Joe Biden addressed supporters at a drive-in rally in Pennsylvania, and former President Barack Obama showed up to offer his support to Biden in Florida with a fiery speech putting the US’s failure to stem the spread of the coronavirus in Donald Trump’s court. More than 50-million people have already cast their ballots. Even Trump himself took advantage of early voting.
India has launched its month-long festival season with Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging people to take precautions against COVID-19. Although daily case counts are down by 40% since their peak in September, Modi called on Indians to show restraint when celebrating in the midst of the pandemic. This has led to new, safer ways of observing the festivals.
Spanish media reports the government has approved a nationwide state of emergency to combat soaring COVID-19 case numbers. The move enables authorities to impose curfews and other measures.
Daily new coronavirus cases in Hungary have topped 3,000 for the first time. But the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban is seeking to avoid a repeat of last spring’s lockdown.
And the UK is looking at reducing self-isolation periods for people who’ve been in contact with infected persons. Britain currently requires a 14-day quarantine for those exposed to the virus.


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