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Because this Corona Virus pandemic has the potential to have long lasting affects on our economy, and peoples lives in general I wanted to compile a few stats from the CDC and see where we actually stand compared to what the main stream media keep feeding us.
I believe the affects from this virus will be seen far after it has run it’s course because of the decisions being made in this country “in the name of safety”.
These numbers reflect the total Covid pandemic and are currently much lower. If there is a second wave as some people predict, these numbers could go back up, or surpass the current numbers.

Total Covid Cases: 5,176,000 (1.58% of Total Population)
Total Covid Deaths: 165,148
Chances of Dying from Covid (Once Infected): 3.19%
Chances of Contracting Covid: 1.57%
Total Cases that Require Hospitalization: 451,328 (8.7%)
Chance of Dying if Hospitalization required: 30.16%

FLU STATS (2019)
Total Flu Cases: 29 Million
Total Flu Deaths: 34,200
Chances of Getting the Flu: 8.84%
Requires Hospital Visit: 490,600 (1.69%)
Chances of dying from the flu (once infected): .92%

Spanish Flu Stats (1918 -1920)
Total Population: 105 Million
Total Cases (Estimate) 34 Million (32.69% of Total Population)
Deaths from Spanish Flu: 675,000 (estimated) (That Would be 2 Million with Todays Population)
Chances of Dying Once Infected: 1.98%




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