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Simple Tutorial with Lovely Visuals. More herbal tutorials on my channel;)
Hello 👋 and Welcome to my channel, my name is Samantha and I am the BohoWitch. Here on my channel I post Weekly unboxing videos on Sundays & ‘WitchCrafting’ videos on Wednesday’s.
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•Apothecary at Home•
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•Wolf & Thyme•
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•Tamed Wild•

•The Witchcraft Way•
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•About the Author•
I do this for the love of it. Videography and photography are my hobbies. As a child I would pretend I had an audience when I did anything; making food, playing, chores. I would narrate and tell my ‘audience’ how to do these things and I definitely feel this coming out of me now as an adult. Follow me on Instagram to see more things like this and my everyday life.



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