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How does Covid-19 compare to other Death Causes and Pandemics? Who did most tests? Coronavirus World Map and more.. There are 8 categories:

1. 0:05-0:47 Regions with most Confirmed Cases
2. 0:47-0:55 Regions with most Active Cases
3. 0:55-1:41 Estimated U.S. death toll of major events and how does Covid-19 compare
4. 1:42-2:01Total Coronavirus tests done
5. 2:01-2:09 Total tests performed per 1M People
6. 2:09-2:15 Current World Map of Coronavirus Cases
7. 2:15-2:24 World Map showing Medical Doctors per 1000 people
8. 2:25-2:47 Total deaths caused by Coronavirus

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All data is from 10-11th April , Sources: WHO, Our World In Data, Europian CDC, Worldometers,Wikipedia, and many more
Medical doctors include generalist physicians and specialist medical practitioners. In some Sources estimated deaths in Civil War are 750 000.

These aren’t just numbers but real people. Please show some respect.
Song: In Pieces – Madison York (Epidemic SoundD
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