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Quick tests for Covid-19 will give people ‘confidence’ to go back to normal, Matt Hancock has said, as the government announces it will spend £500 million on trials for a 20-minute test.

Speaking to LBC’s Nick Ferrari, the Health Secretary said that although Britain has one of the biggest testing regimes on the planet, he wants it to go further to help life get back to normal.

“Over the past few months we’ve massively expanded the coronavirus testing as a country, and now have one of the biggest testing programmes in the world,” he told Nick.

“But I am not satisfied with that.

“We know that other than social distancing, testing is one of our primary defences against the virus, to find the people that are positive and for them and their contacts to isolate so that we can stop the spread of the virus.

“At the moment that is working and that is effective. But the tests have to go off to a lab, it normally takes 24 hours for them to come back.

“There are new technologies that are coming down the track so we can not only much more easily test people that might have symptoms but also role it out much more broadly, mass testing, to give people the confidence that if they test negative they can go about their normal business.”

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