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Free Covid-19 Testing in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.
Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Paris Orly airports have free COVID testing, both rapid antigen and PCR for departing passengers. In Dublin Airport there is no government policy on COVID-19 testing. There is no requirement for inbound or outbound COVID tests.

Video Transcript:
– It’s almost Christmas and today I’m in Paris. I’ve just landed from Dublin into a busy Charles de Gaulle Airport. Before my next flight, I get a 15-minute rapid antigen test in the airport terminal. I made my appointment online the day before. The test is quick and easy and yes, it is mildly uncomfortable, but it is not painful and not something to be afraid of. In Paris airports, there is no cost for departing passengers who need a COVID test before flying. Both rapid antigen and PCR tests are free at the airport. Antigen results are immediate, PCR is the next day. What I experienced here in Charles de Gaulle is available in all major airports in France, and in most of the European countries. Good news, negative results.



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