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Allow the soothing sounds of Aluna Moon to guide you on a journey of deep healing. Relax, let go and tap into your ability to heal yourself naturally.

Want to feel lighter, rejuvenated and more energetic? Looking to lower stress levels and improve your immune system? Heal Yourself Now, for Relaxation and Well-Being, is a beautifully recorded and deeply soothing session for anyone out there in need of some well-deserved relaxation and spiritual guidance.

As the healing process can have many layers, we advise you to continue to listen to this track as often as you can and for at least 21 days. All guided hypnosis and meditation tracks within our range of recordings have been professionally recorded to the highest quality using state of the art digital technology and include gentle background music to accelerate healing.

IMPORTANT: Do not listen to hypnosis or meditation recordings whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

Disclaimer: These recordings are not designed to be listened to by anyone suffering from epilepsy or severe mental health issues, including psychosis. The information and guidance given by Nicola Haslett and Samantha Redgrave-Hogg are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. If you are unsure of the suitability of these recordings in any way, please consult a medical practitioner before listening. It is especially important to seek advice from a medical practitioner in cases of mental health disorders or severe health conditions. We recommend you listen to your chosen album for a minimum of 21 days.



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