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Watch as Dr. Donna Prosser interviews Dr. Albert Rizzo, Chief Medical Officer at the American Lung Association on information about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting patients with chronic lung disease and asks the following questions:

1. Everyone has been hearing for some time on the news that people with pre-existing conditions, such as COPD and other chronic lung conditions, are more susceptible to becoming gravely ill from COVID-19. Can you explain why that is and how this disease is affecting this population differently?

2. What recommendations do you have for patients who have chronic lung conditions to keep themselves safe during this pandemic?

3. What recommendations do you have for hospitals and clinicians, who may not be accustomed to managing chronic lung illness, to better care for this patient population while in the hospital?
4. COVID-19 has caused significant acute lung injury, requiring patients to be placed on a mechanical ventilator. What risks does this treatment pose long-term? What signs and symptoms should patients who were hospitalized for COVID-19 look out for and notify their doctor about?

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