Covid-19 face mask
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Creating your own do-it-yourself face mask is not hard at all. This kind of project has become very popular on the Internet since the

pandemic started. So popular, that when I went to the website last time, I saw many self-made masks from all-over the USA

and even the World. They are more expensive than the “generic” light-blue masks but they worth the extra bucks in my opinion because

they are often made of cotton which is wonderful for your skin. You also support regular people from ordinary households – Moms

and Kids – instead of big corporations when you buy these original designs.

Why do I recommend this project? It could be fun, especially if you make it with your kids. It will save you some money while giving

you a creative project during the boredom of the quarantine. I think these self-made masks also may have saved some lives when

this item was in a high demand a few months ago. It’s a win-win!

Materials you would need to make this do-it-yourself project:

    • Cotton fabric with your chosen design/pattern, approximately 20-by-20 inches
    • Coffee filter (a piece of white HEPA vacuum filter will make even a better filter)
    • 2 pieces of elastic strings – I bought a bunch of them on Amazon. I also saw people use hair ties or rubber bands for that.

Below I put down step-by-step instructions on how to make a DIY face mask.

How to make a self-made face mask:

    Fold the piece of cotton (or bandana of the same size) in half.
    Fold the coffee filter in half and place it in the center of the folded bandana.
    Fold the bottom one-third of the fabric up, then fold the top third of the bandana down.
    Loop one elastic string around the left and right ends of the folded fabric. Make them about six inches apart.
    Fold each end of the bandana/fabric in towards the middle and tuck them into each other.
    Check the design by putting the mask on. Loop the elastic loops over your ears and adjust the mask. Make sure the new mask covers your nose and mouth completely. It’s done!


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