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Hair problems have become increasingly common in this day and age, people of all age group frequently complain of hair fall, weak and brittle hair, dandruff, white hair etc.. These issues are largely caused by diet deficiencies, lifestyle habits or a combination of both. To book a personal appointment with a Dermatologist click on the following links:

Dandruff is a very common problem and its caused by a number of factors. Hygiene is crucial in this matter, not washing out shampoo properly or covering hair by dirty hats or shawls causes sebum to accumulate on the scalp. Hot showers also significantly contribute to patches of dandruff on the scalp.

Hair fall happens when the normal growth phase of the hair cycle gets disturbed, causing a large amount of hair fall in a short period of time. Diffused thinning of hair is also common among women going through post-partum. Deficiency of nutrients is the common cause of hair fall.

Dr. Nosheeba Salman is one of the leading Aesthetician in Islamabad and offers her services in Islamabad. She helps patients in protecting their bodies from various dermatological disorders and conditions. In this session with oladoc, she talks about common hair problems like hairfall, dandruff, hair diseases, and tinea capitis and the best ways to treat those in urdu/hindi.

Dr. Nosheeba Salman is a Dermatologist practicing at Dr. Nosheeba Skin Solutions, Islamabad. Dr. Nosheeba is also available for Online Video Consultation at To book an appointment with Dr. Nosheeba, please visit the following link or call 051-815-1800.



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