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Boosting our immunity to keep fit during the current pandemic is essential. San amrut herbal brew & Formula K2 , Ayurvedic remedies help us achieve exactly this..

At present, the Corona pandemic has created havoc all over the globe.
Ayurveda, however has predicted these types of epidemics, labelled as jana-pado-dhwansa, literally meaning destruction of the entire society, community!

Contagious diseases and epidemics can come, but when would they manifest? When human behaviour is against nature. We are witnessing the same during these difficult times.
What is the methodology adopted in Ayurveda for finding remedies? Ayurveda takes into consideration the signs and symptoms, the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha and their imbalance, along with disturbance in the seven body tissues and decides upon the medication.
Then the in-numerable herbs and substances, that are found in nature, their qualities and properties are studied, and the most suitable one is offered as a remedy.
San Amrut Herbal Brew

This is a medicine to help increase the immunity
If immunity is high, then all diseases stay away.

Along with this, if a person has more symptoms like cough, cold etc, we have a product called Formula K2

Santulan went one step ahead this time. Santulan compared the research done by modern science on the medicinal herbs used in the products and evaluated the qualities described in both Ayurveda and modern science to show the efficacy of these products.

San Amrut Herbal Brew
Formula K2

A variety of medicinal herbs are used in both these products, out of those, here are some of the important herbs.
San Amrut Herbal Brew, as the name suggests, is like a nectar-amrut or a solution against many things.
It can be used to increase immunity and resistance capacity, like we take the rasayan tonic Chyavanprash, throughout the year for increasing the immunity
With good immunity, diseases stay away and then there is no fear
But if one has symptoms, then Formula K2 is recommended.

Ayurveda is an eternal and everlasting science for holistic health.

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