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Dr. Rahul Agrawal, Senior Consultant General Physician, and Diabetologist, Medicover Hospitals, HITEC City gave a brief on Covid-19 Vaccination.

Dr. Rahul Agrawal says not only the people who work in healthcare but also the general public are at a higher risk of getting the infection.

How can they Prevent it?
-Using Masks
-Hygiene of Hands
-Social Distancing

There are several types of Vaccinations Developed for Covid-19:
-mRNA based
-Some are based according to a Virus Vector
– Live Attenuated Viruses

We don’t want to specific about types of vaccines. A Vaccine is not designed to make you feel worse, it is designed to make you feel better.
If a person is given Vaccine, it means the body will start developing some form of an antibody to fight against the infection.

Topics addressed include:
-What happened to the people who have died because of the vaccine? or adverse reaction to the vaccine?
-What if I am having anything wrong with me?

Certain people can take vaccines, and certain people should not get vaccines.

People who should not get vaccines:
-Pregnant Women
-Lactating Women
-Who have had a known allergy to any of the components of the vaccine
-people who have allergic reactions to medications
-Those patients who have active Covid infection
-People who have active fever
-People who have suspicion of covid infection

He urged the people who are healthcare professionals and front-line workers to take vaccines unless it is contraindicated to their health.

2 doses are normally prescribed for Covid Vaccine, the efficiency of the vaccine might vary between 60% to 95% in different individuals. The truth is even whatever the vaccine we are taking earlier, no one offers 100% protection. It all depends not only on the vaccine itself, but it also depends on the body’s immune system and its resistance power. After getting the vaccine also everyone should follow all covid protocols for not getting the Covid Virus.
He encouraged healthcare and front line workers to accept the vaccine, to protect themselves, and to protect others from not getting a virus.

To get more information about the vaccine and all the health information, Continue to watch this series!

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