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This video and any future ones in the series chronicle over a week of our lives during quarantine in NYC where we tried to determine if our cat, Lord Waffle, got infected with coronavirus, as he seemed to have experienced symptoms similar to COVID-19.

We were really concerned that we may have ended up transmitting it to our cat, as we’re almost certain we both caught and recovered–knock on wood!–from the Coronavirus (see video about that here: ).

What started as an unexpected fever that Wednesday night in late April 2020, turned into over a week long emotional nightmare where we had to stop everything and do whatever we could to make sure he got better.

The effects of COVID-19 on pets are still largely unclear as the majority of the focus is on uncovering the virus’s impact on humans. As of April 23, 2020, an official statement was released by the CDC ( of positive confirmation of COVID-19 in two cats in New York State (the state where we live).

We are not certain if our cat is suffering from COVID-19 and together with our vet and animal medical professionals, we are trying to figure out the underlying cause for his sudden sickness and health decline.

While this was and continues to be a stressful time for us, we hope that you don’t have to experience something like this, but if you do, we are sharing our story and what we went through in hopes that it might help.

⏱Timeline of symptoms:
– Mon April 20: Normal eating, drinking, sleeping, meowing & purring behaviors
– Tue April 21: Lethargic and threw up yellow bile; wet diarrhea.
– Wed April 22: Threw up white bubbles and reduced appetite; did not get up for his scheduled lunch feeding time.
– Thu April 23: Burning up with a fever, body abnormally and extremely hot to the human touch; continuously lick lips but would not touch food or water; thick mucus-covered semi solid stool.

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