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Video conferencing is booming and one of the most popular apps, Zoom, has topped download charts in the past few months. But a bunch of companies, including SpaceX and NASA, have now banned the app because of concerns about privacy. People have been using Zoom to hang out when they can’t actually hang out. More than 90 000 schools around the world are zooming it up, as well as workplaces and friends and family.

Zoom’s setup makes it easy for participants to share meeting details with well, anyone. But some uninvited people have invaded workplace meetings and disrupted online classrooms, so there have been some big questions about whether Zoom is safe to use. Now the app is pausing all its normal work for 90 days, so it can focus on safety and privacy issues.

Zoom is not the only app in the firing line. Popular app Houseparty has been deleted by some users after a bunch of people claimed on social media that after using Houseparty some of their other apps were hacked. But Houseparty’s makers say that’s totally untrue and are even offering up a $1.6 million reward to clear their name. So for now, if you are using a video chat app, it’s best to check your privacy settings to make sure they’re as safe as possible.

Queensland has tightened its borders today. Only people who live there, or who have a permit, will be allowed to cross the state border, but that’s nothing compared to Western Australia. The state’s about to introduce its toughest controls ever. From midnight on Sunday, no-one coming from eastern states will be allowed in, even if they live there. So locals are being told to come home ASAP. There will be some exemptions for things like health services but the state government says it’s serious about slowing down the spread of COVID-19.

All over the world, workers have been swapping their suits for sweatpants while they work from home. But now, some people have decided it’s time to swap back. All over the world people are getting dressed to the nines for formal Friday. Why? Well, it’s a bit of a spin on the usual “casual Friday”, but people say it’s bringing a bit of fun to life in lockdown, at a time where comfort normally comes before fashion.

There are farmers in fedoras, mums with mowers, and even Jimmy Kimmel is getting in on the act. Back home, Darlene Chin from Darwin started the Facebook group Friday Formal Frock Up and it already has a few thousand members. It’s all bringing back a bit of colour to life at home. So what are you waiting for? Grab your top hat, kick on your fancy shoes and dress to impress.

Juli from Germany has been collecting toilet paper for more than 30 years. She now has around 800 samples from all over the world.

Pat McEnroe loves tennis, and I mean really loves tennis. He’s recovering from a mild case of COVID-19 but has wasted no time getting back into playing the sport he loves. Even if it means playing against himself.

Finjya, a polar bear at the Vienna Zoo, is totally obsessed with rolling in dirt.


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