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Since my diagnosis with the coronavirus, I have been confined to my bedroom. This is a day in my life, living in self-isolation because I do have COVID-19. Living with coronavirus has been a weird experience, but all of 2020 has been a weird experience! I also explain how my family is kept safe from the virus as a result! That information is shared toward the end of the video(:

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Because I have been in quarantine and self-isolated for the past two weeks, sometimes it feels as if the days just blend into the next. But, as I also explain in the video, I try my best to “work” during normal working hours of the day. I have also been trying to turn my diagnosis and self isolation because i did contract the coronavirus into a positive one. Just because I have COIVD-19, I did not want to stop trying to grow as a person. And in all honesty, after contracting COVID, I was able to really dedicate time into making videos for my YouTube channel, and it has been a really fun experience overall!! I do prefer sharing architecture content, but a lot of you guys have asked for updates regarding my coronavirus experience – so here you guys go!! I still cannot smell anything though! So, I can keep you guys posted. I was hoping by now I would be able to!! But, it is okay. Since I have been living with COVID-19 for the past two weeks, I have learned quickly to just take it one day at a time(:

If you are watching this because you are concerned that you may have contracted the novel coronavirus, please know that it is okay! It can be really scary, I know the feeling! As always, the CDC is going to have the most up to date information on the novel Coronavirus so I would encourage you to look up the CDC’s website. In the video, my family thought it would be best for me to self isolate for the full two weeks, not just ten days, post diagnosis! We felt that the extra days in quarantine would not hurt anyone! Hence the video!! Woo!! So, this is a day in my life living with the coronavirus in a “vlog” style.

I honestly had so much fun creating this day in my life video. Let me know if you guys liked this editing style. I had a blast!! It was so fun!!

And if you wanted to watch my diagnosis video, you can click here:

And this is what the coronavirus test feels like with actual footage of the test being conducted:

As always, thank you so much to our healthcare workers! And to the people reading this, I am super curious, do you know anyone living with COVID-19 right now? If so, please know I am thinking and praying for them!! Stay safe and well during these challenging times! Don’t forget to wash those hands of yours(:

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