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모더나, 코로나19 백신 ‘최종단계 임상시험’…세계 최대 규모

While countries around the globe race to find a vaccine to fight COVID-19, U.S. biotech company Moderna has started its final stage trial of a potential vaccine.
Kim Jae-hee has this report.
Moderna has entered its last phase of human trials of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate.
According to the New York Times on Monday, the phase three clinical trial has enrolled 30 thousand healthy people at 89 sites around the U.S.
Lasting a couple of months, it’s the world’s biggest experimental COVID-19 vaccine trial to date.
Half the volunteers get two shots of the vaccine, and the other half get a fake vaccine made with saltwater.
With neither the volunteers nor the medical staff knowing who gets the real vaccines, researchers will monitor the volunteers’ health conditions.
Despite the new technology Moderna is using, the top U.S. infectious disease official, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said he’s not particularly concerned about the safety risk of the trial.
He reportedly said researchers should know the efficacy of Moderna’s potential vaccine by “mid-to-late fall.”
U.S. President Donald Trump also announced on Monday that Moderna has officially entered the “final stage before approval”, and expressed optimism.
He discussed what has been dubbed ‘Operation Warp Speed’, which is his administration’s effort to deliver three hundred million doses of a vaccine by January 2021.
“We will achieve a victory over the virus by unleashing America’s scientific genius, which is what it is. Under Operation Warp Speed, we’ve shaved years off of the time that it takes to develop a vaccine, in some cases many years.”
The potential cost of the vaccine is also being discussed.
According to Reuters, coordinators of a global COVID-19 vaccines funding scheme are targeting 40 U.S. dollars a dose to be the highest price in high income countries.
Kim Jae-hee, Arirang News.

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