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By Jessica Ortwine, PharmD, BCIDP
Current as of January 14, 2021

This presentation is posted on behalf of the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists (SIDP), which is a non-profit organization of 1500+ pharmacists specializing in infectious diseases pharmacotherapy. Please note the following regarding this educational video:
1) The presenter is a vetted expert in infectious diseases pharmacotherapy and qualified to give this presentation based on training and practice experience.
2) The information in this presentation is not intended to provide medical advice. We advise that patients always consult with a licensed healthcare provider before making individual decisions regarding their healthcare, or the use of any agents or therapies described in this presentation.
3) The information in this presentation is intended to educate healthcare providers regarding appropriate use of this agent, specifically in the context of considered treatment of COVID-19 infection. Providers should always consider the benefits and risks for each individual patient before making patient-specific healthcare decisions.
4) All information provided in this presentation is cited from published medical evidence or other verifiable sources. Any expert opinion is identified as such within the presentation for purposes of transparency.
5) The information in this presentation is not intended to endorse or promote the use of any specific commercial product. Providers should always consider the risks and benefits associated with any particular product prior to making patient-specific decisions.
To learn more about SIDP and our COVID-19 Resources, please visit and/or follow our verified social media account, @SIDPharm, on Twitter.



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