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A group of American scientists researching the particularly dangerous D614G mutation of the Coronavirus leads to a significant increase in the viral load of COVID-19. According to their research, in this case, the human body is getting exposed to more particles of the virus.

Viral load or viral burden is a numerical expression of the quantity of coronavirus or any virus in a given volume of bodily fluid (like blood plasma or sputum).

While studying more than 5 thousand strains of the virus, researchers at the Methodist hospital in Houston came to the conclusion that there have been two waves of coronavirus in their city already. The first wave was in the spring and the second wave – in the summer.

According to scientists, viral load increases the rate at which the virus spreads. However, they did not find a correlation between the number of virus particles in the body and the severity of the disease.

It should be noted though that the results of this research have not been confirmed by independent experts at this stage.

In July, Maria Van Kerkhove, the head of the technical team of the WHO Emergency Diseases Unit, explained that the D614G mutation, which a number of scientists called especially dangerous, first appeared in February of 2020. They managed to identify it in samples of early virus chains received from Wuhan of China, some European countries, as well as Mexico and Brazil.


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