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Hey guys!
So…I unfortunately tested Positive for Covid. I wanted to share my personal experience with you all in hopes to inform those who are looking for answers or just curious how this virus affects some of us. I feel very fortunate to have had mild symptoms. The rest of my household did not get sick either. However, I understand this is not the case for everyone. I feel very fortunate.

(Exposed Oct. 13th- 16th, 2020)

Day 1 – Saturday Oct. 17th
First symptoms started, tickle in my throat. Just felt off.
Day 2- Sunday Oct. 18th
Headache, tiny cough, body chills.
Day 3- Monday Oct. 19th
Massive headache felt it all the way to my jaw, body chills, restless legs.
Day 4- Tuesday Oct. 20th
Congestion & cold symptoms begin. Stuffy nose, sneezing. At night felt a awful burn in back of my nose and back of tongue.
Day 5- Wednesday Oct. 21st
Head pressure, sluggish, congested. Head cold.
Day 6- Thursday Oct. 22nd
Congestion, eye pressure, head cold, leg rash begins.
Day 7- Friday Oct. 23rd
Rash spreads on legs and arms. Lost taste and smell. (Got TESTED)
Day 8 & 9 Oct. 24th & 25th- Saturday and Sunday
Continued rash, head cold.
Day 10- Monday Oct 26th
Felt sick with diarrhea. Got Positive results.
Day 11- Tuesday Oct. 27th
Finally no headache of any sort. Felt better
Day 12- Wednesday Oct. 28th
Rash started going away.

(Never did I get fever, bad cough or have trouble breathing)

Today. November 11th, 2020 Taste and smell not fully back but better than before.

Stay Safe Everyone!




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