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This week, Abbey Carlton, Indeed’s Director of Social Impact, provides information about how to handle unemployment related to the coronavirus. She also lists out this week’s urgently hiring employers, recaps Indeed product updates that help you find remote work more easily and become visible to employers hiring now. She also explains how to start a job search, avoid fraudulent job postings and shares a summary of the current state of the economy and job market. She concludes by answering some frequently asked questions and pointing to some of Indeed’s employment and job search resources.

Indeed Live is a weekly livestream that provides resources and information on searching for a job during COVID-19.

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0:00 What we’re covering today
3:07 How to find a WFH job
5:02 How to tell if an employer is urgently hiring
5:49 How to show employers you’re ready to work immediately
6:45 List of urgently hiring employers
9:02 How to search for a job on Indeed
9:50 How to report fake jobs
11:25 How to navigate unemployment
17:13 Impact of COVID on the economy
19:23 Should I change jobs during COVID
20:37 How to set up job alerts
21:42 Best resume templates
22:10 See you next time

More Resources:
-Start your job search:
-Research the job market:
-These companies are urgently hiring on Indeed (updated weekly):
-Ask a question, get advice and contribute your own tips over at the Indeed Community:

*The information presented in this webinar does not represent a forecast, prediction, or other indication of future market or economic performance, and should not be relied upon for such purposes.



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