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Top Democratic allies of President-elect Joe Biden say they support a $748 billion plan offered by lawmakers of both parties. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and colleagues from both parties join together to announce a pair of COVID-19 emergency relief bills. Senator Lisa Murkowski says, “We’re still standing here together as Republicans and Democrats, House and Senate members, and we have two different packages, but I think that too represents our reality.” The $748 billion aid package includes money for businesses, the unemployed, schools and vaccine distribution. While the second bill proposes $160 billion to state and local governments, and it includes a liability shield that lasts for a year and a half. The Democratic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has insisted on passing covid relief with more money to state and local governments; however, several democrats have endorsed the $748 billion proposal, increasing its chances of passing. Capitol Hill Correspondent, Erik Rosales reports.

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