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The U.S. FDA recently approved an affordable saliva-based COVID-19 test. Could it effectively replace nasal swabs?
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Recently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a new COVID-19 test that gets around a lot of the hurdles experienced with the nasal swab tests.

In an effort to ramp up testing and slow the spread of the virus, the FDA has given SalivaDirect emergency use authorization.

Keep in mind that just because it has an emergency authorization doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective. It just means we’re in an emergency and the FDA is willing to try things that would undergo more trials in normal times.

Not only does SalivaDirect minimize contact with frontline workers keeping them safer because a patient simply has to drool into a tube at the lab, it also streamlines and combines a few steps in the process to speed up testing and reduce the use of valuable resources.

The Yale researchers behind SalivaDirect don’t intend to commercialize the test and have been open about their methodology. Find out more about the new COVID-19 test in this Elements!

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