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Join Harold I. Litt, MD, PhD, Eduardo J. Mortani Barbosa Jr, MD, Scott A. Simpson, DO, Ana S. Kolansky, MD and Maya Galperin-Aizenberg, MD for this three part video series and discussion. Watch the three videos in your own time and then join in on the discussion on Monday, April 20th from 12-1pm on the RSNA’s COVID-19 Community:

The videos will cover the following topics:

1. A review of CXR and CT Findings of COVID-19
2. The systems for structured reporting of those findings
3. A description of how the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center has implemented structured reporting into their system

Video Part 1: Chest CT Appearance of COVID-19

Video Part 2: RSNA Consensus Statement on Reporting of CT Findings Related to COVID-19 – endorsed by STR, ACR and RSNA – visit:

Video Part 3: The Chest Radiograph in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Role, Standardized Reporting, and CT Correlation:

Post your questions now on the COVID-19 Community and start the discussion about structured reporting. Drs.Litt, Simpson, Kolansky and Galperin-Aizenberg will answer your questions live on Monday, April 20th from 12-1pm central.

The COVID-19 Community is open to the radiology community. You just need to login using your RSNA customer ID information. If you do not have an account, please create one by visiting: For technical issues or membership questions, please contact us at:



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