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The first participants in Russia’s large-scale COVID-19 vaccination programme told Ruptly about the procedure that took place on Saturday in Moscow.

Primary school teacher Olga decided to make the vaccine in order to “protect myself, my family from this virus, to be a guarantee of safety for my pupils and colleagues”. According to the teacher, she had no doubts about the procedure.

“There were no fears. To be honest, we were waiting for this vaccine,” Olga said.

Another participant, medical worker Alexandra, also decided to vaccinate herself among the first to be safe. It was not difficult to sign up for the procedure, she added.

Gulnara, who works in the social sector, told journalists that she had some concerns regarding being vaccinated, but she did come to get the vaccination to protect herself, her family, and the people whom she works with.

“After all, it is probably our civic duty,” Gulnara added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the start of a large-scale vaccination campaign against the novel coronavirus in the country on Wednesday.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said medical workers and teachers would be the first to get vaccinated in the capital after online registration, while the participation was said to be voluntary.


SOT, Olga, Primary school teacher (Russian): “I am a primary school teacher, I communicate with a large number of children and adults every day, and therefore I would like to protect myself, my family from this virus, to be a guarantee of safety for my pupils and colleagues”.

Journalist (Russian): “Did you have any concerns? Or was there something else besides the working moment that prompted you to take part in the vaccination that has begun now?”

Olga, Primary school teacher (Russian): “No, there were no fears. To be honest, we were waiting for this vaccine, and we were among the first to take great advantage of doing it”.

SOT, Alexandra, Medical worker (Russian): “I decided to participate primarily due to the fact that I am a medical worker, I have a lot of contacts with people and I believe that the main thing is to take care of my health and the health of others. I signed up as a medical worker, and I received a text message on my phone number that I could get a COVID vaccine in the first rows. That’s why I signed up very easily via, too.”

SOT, Ilya, Vaccination programme participant (Russian): “I believe that the maximum amount of resources, both psychological and *INAUDIBLE* as well as emotional, was applied to develop this vaccine. The medics did their best, so I am sure that its productivity has already been proven, and we will be able to really protect ourselves by getting this vaccine.”

SOT, Gulnara, Vaccination programme participant (Russian): “I work in the social sphere, I work with people. I learned about the vaccine from the Internet, from social networks. Sobyanin urged us to adopt it, I thought [about it], [then] I agreed in order to protect myself, my family and people with whom I communicate. After all, it is probably our civic duty.”

Journalist (Russian): “Did you decide it immediately?”

Gulnara, Vaccination programme participant (Russian): “No, there have been thoughts, of course. But yesterday I came to this, and today I am here”.

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