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Troops from Russia’s Southern Military District got vaccinated against COVID-19, footage released on Friday from Vladikavkaz shows.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu announced last week that a coronavirus vaccine campaign was launched among its active-duty personnel. The ministry plans to vaccinate more than 400,000 troops, according to Shoigu.

On Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin ordered the start of mass vaccination against coronavirus in Russia, by the end of next week. Medical personnel and teachers will be the first to get the shots and participation will be voluntary.


SOT, Natalia Dmitrieva, Epidemiologist of the 412nd Military Hospital (Russian): “Military staff was vaccinated against COVID-19 with Gam-COVID-Vac. Vaccination consists of two phases. Today the first one took place. Medical staff and military personnel working in the red zone were to be vaccinated. The second phase will be on day 21.” *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE*

W/S Patient gets instruction, doctor (Russian): “This is an instruction for you. If you feel worse or see any side-effects, please, call the number given.”
Patient: “I got you. Thank you. I understood.” *UPSOUND*

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