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긴급재난지원금 오늘부터 신청…알아둬야 할 사항은?

Starting now 7 AM, Korea time on Monday,… households in South Korea can apply for COVID-19 emergency disaster relief funds through their credit card companies.
According to the 5-day rotation system that has been established to prevent a mad rush,… those whose birth years end with 1 or 6 can apply today.
Kim Hyo-sun reports.
Citizens in South Korea can now apply for COVID-19 emergency disaster relief funds via the internet homepage and mobile application of their credit and debit card companies.
To prevent people applying at once and overloading the system, the government will implement a 5-day rotation system according to the last digit of one’s birth year just like the country rationed the buying of protective face masks during the first weeks of the outbreak.
The payment will be given out in the form of card points two days after they apply.
Off-line application begins at community service centers or banks from next Monday.
“You can also apply in person at banks linked to your credit card starting from May 18th. In this case, the service will be available at all branches.”
One million Korean won, or some 820 U.S. dollars will be given to four-person households,… while single- to three-person households will receive less.
The money can be spent within the regional district you live in.
However,… it’s not allowed to be spent at certain businesses including department stores, large retailers as well as entertainment venues like bars and clubs.
“While there are restrictions in terms of the area and businesses using the relief fund. It’s in accordance to its aim of boosting consumption and revitalizing regional economy,… it’s designed to be most convenient to the people.”
The money needs to be spent by August 31st, or it will be considered a donation and used to support those who’ve lost their jobs or have been put on unpaid leave due to the outbreak.
For those who do not apply, the money will also be considered a donation.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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