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SINGHOPE is a virtual benefit concert for COVID-19 relief, helping families through this crisis around the globe. Your donations throughout this event will help provide immediate food, medicine, personal protective equipment, and other resources for those in dire need during this pandemic.

Inspired by our talented youth and members of HOPE worldwide NYAC, SINGHOPE was born.
Our concert features many talented artists who believe in our cause.
Here are our guests who will be performing, in order of appearance.
Gabe Baker, Karrie Benoit-Morales, Sherwin Mackintosh, Brooklyn Kohl, Kresten Wolff, Chase Mackintosh, Joshy Soul, J. Brian Craig, Ross Henderson, Teresa Brown, Ross Lippencott & Speech.

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Video edited by Keydogo

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Music Credits:
“Lean On Me” by Bill Withers performed by Ross Henderson



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