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A very recent BMJ Gut study mapped the gut biome of COVID patients and normal people. We cover the results and other microbiome research.
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Kiwi Powder for F prausnitzii Recovery on

Kiwi Powder Randomized Trial Doubled F. prausnitzii:

Main Study:

My Probiotics Video:

COVID records:

Flu Deaths last decade:

Fecal-Oral Study:

1/3 Had Gastrointestinal Symptoms – Stanford:

10% Had Diarrhea Review:

Corona RNA in 48% of Stool Samples:

Reuters Article:

Vegan Gut Profile Study:

F prausnitzii General Info Study:

Vegan Randomized Trial F prausnitzii Increased:

R. rectale and Fiber or Higher Meat Diets:

Probiotics Fall Short in Healthy People:

Obesity COVID:

Diarrhea and Intestinal Bacteria:

Diarrhea and Severity:

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