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Early and correct identification of infection with SARS CoV-2 is important for effective isolation, treatment and case management of COVID-19. In line with WHO recommendations, molecular diagnostics are currently the method of choice for such virus detection and differentiation. However, molecular tests for COVID -19 have so far been restricted to centralized reference laboratories as they require skilled manpower and elaborate infrastructure. Also,the turnaround time for results could take a few days.
The Truenat™ chip based Real time PCR tests run on the Truelab Real Time micro PCR Analyzers,
enabling decentralization and near patient diagnosis of and monitoring of COVID-19.
Such near-patient testing is enabled by making the real time PCR technology rapid, simple, robust and user friendly, thereby offering “sample to result” capability even at resource limited settings. This is achieved through Molbio’s combination of lightweight, portable, mains / battery operated devices Truelab Real Time micro PCR Analyzers and Trueprep AUTO Universal Cartridge based Sample Prep Device and room temperature stable Truenat™ micro PCR chips so that even the peripheral laboratories with minimal infrastructure and minimally trained technician can easily perform these tests routinely in their facilities and report PCR results in less than an hour. Moreover, with these devices PCR testing can also be initiated in the field level, on site.



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