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What is the UK’s ‘exit strategy’ for bringing the coronavirus pandemic under control? And how does it differ from Sweden’s approach to Covid-19? Subscribe to our channel here:

The former governor of the Bank of England, Lord Mervyn King, has warned that lengthy coronavirus shutdown measures could result in “rebellion” if they are enforced for too long. So what is the UK’s longterm plan?

Under the UK’s current strategy to prevent the spread of Covid-19, strict new measures have been implemented by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The new restrictions, that limit people’s personal movement, state that people can only leave their homes if they have a “reasonable excuse”, including exercise, shopping for basic necessities, medical needs, and travelling to and from work if they are classed as key worker.

But what about countries that are following different strategies? International editor Gabriel Gatehouse reports on Sweden’s approach to tackling the pandemic. He spoke to Cecilia Soderberg Naucler, a virologist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and Sweden’s chief epidemiologist Andres Tegnell.

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