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The CARES Act expands Unemployment Insurance to workers who usually would not qualify for unemployment benefits. Watch to learn more about who qualifies for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Go to the Georgia Department of Labor website at to apply now.

With the new cares act, workers who cannot usually get paid unemployment benefits
are now eligible for

Pandemic Unemployment assistance.

This means almost anyone whose work or ability to work has been affected by Covid-19 can now get unemployment.

This includes:
-People who cannot work because of COVID-19 like those who are home with their children,

-people who are self-employed,
-independent contractors and gig workers,
-people looking for part-time work, and
-those who haven’t worked somewhere long enough to qualify for Unemployment Benefits.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance does not apply to:
-Workers who are able to telework,
-Workers who are getting paid sick days or paid leave, and
-Workers who are not legally allowed to work in the U.S.

To get Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, you must certify that you are either:
Partially or fully unemployed OR
Are unable and unavailable to work because of covid-19.

There are many reasons you might be unable to work because of covid-19, including:
-if you are caring for a child or household member who can’t attend school or work because it is closed due to COVID-19;

-If you or someone at your home Has COVID-19 or has symptoms of it and is seeking a diagnosis;
-if you are caring for someone diagnosed with COVID-19;

-if you Are quarantined or have been advised to self-quarantine;
-if you Have become the breadwinner for a household because the head of household has died due to COVID-19;

-if you Were scheduled to start a new job but now cannot, Had to quit your job, or if Your workplace is closed because of COVID-19.

This program runs through December 31, 2020 and allows up to 39 weeks of unemployment benefits.

The Georgia Department of labor has not yet issued instructions for how to apply for pandemic unemployment assistance.

Visit their website at or call your local career center for up-to-date information.

If you have lost income because of covid-19, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits under the CARES Act and you should apply.

Learn more at



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