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Wondering how to increase your immunity power through Yoga?Here’s an easy yoga routine for beginners that you can do at home during this quarantine period. All these asanas shown by Varuna Shunglu, MSc in Yoga Sciences, are designed to help you increase immunity with yoga and live a healthier life.

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Taking a page from the ancient art of health, here’s 5 Yoga poses to boost your immunity


Talk about nerve control anybody? This is a perfect pose for anyone who’s been feeling a little down in their guts, lately. Also known as Salamba Bhujangasana, here you can lie down on your stomach, extend your arms and raise your upper body to mirror that of an Egyptian Sphynx. Keep your breath even throughout the pose and voila! No more frayed nerves.


A quick boost of immunity, coming right up! Well known as Garudasana, this pose involves standing on one foot while wrapping the other foot around it. Raise your forearms with elbows above your shoulders and intertwine them. Hold this pose for a while and get your blood pumping.


Stretching it for the win! Trikonasana is all about allowing yourself to have a release. Stretch your feet making a triangle with the ground. Take one hand, try to touch one foot, while stretching the other hand in the opposite direction. Feel the stretch and melt the tension away from your hips.


Acting like a baby was never this healthy! Have you seen how a happy baby holds their feet high in the air with their arms? That’s exactly how you do Ananda

Balasana. Keep your breathing in check and begin rocking to help detoxify yourself while stimulating your kidneys and gut.


Plank your way to immunity! Kumbhakasana is the easiest of the lot as it is all about balance. Lie down with your feet apart from each other. Raise your body with the help of your palms and balance it on your toes to mirror a plank. Hold the pose as you breathe and drive up your metabolism.

It’s time we all make Yoga our best friend in our journey to beat the spread of coronavirus. Boosting your immunity and adding to your health and wellbeing is your best bet for coronavirus prevention. There’s more advantages of this ancient practice, find them out here.
Are you someone who falls ill easily? Is your health affected by weather changes? Have infections become the norm in your life? Well, if the answer to any one of these questions is in the affirmative, then it’s highly likely that your immune system isn’t doing its job and you have weakened immunity.

The million-dollar question here is ‘what is immunity?’
To put it simply, it refers to the ability of your body to fight diseases and infections. The cells and tissues responsible for this task come together to create the immune system of your body.

Now, if your immunity isn’t at par with the expected levels, then boosting it is essential. In case your immune system is functioning properly, then you must make efforts to maintain its effectiveness.

Now, years of research at the University of Melbourne have uncovered some crucial differences between the male and female immune systems. As per a research paper posted on Science Daily, these distinctions make men more prone to obesity and some other metabolic disorders. As a result, men need to be more attentive towards enhancing their immunity levels.

Factors affecting immunity
Over the years, several scientific findings have established the dependence of immunity on lifestyle, physical activity, nutrition and sleep, among other factors. These facets influence the immune system of people irrespective of their gender. So, opting for immune-boosting foods and a holistically healthy lifestyle is always the smart way forward for those who want to have a strong immune system. As stated above, the significance of working to increase their immunity is a lot more crucial for men.

Nutrition is crucial for all cells in the human body, including those responsible for maintaining immunity levels. Different types of tissues in our body require energy as well as other nutrients to continue performing their tasks efficiently.

The food that you eat daily gives your immune cells the ability to take necessary actions against pathogens when needed.



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